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Friday, July 4, 2008
Revive the blog

Hello people ! long time no update ler , i bet it is rotting liao. bet also nobody come visit la.
lols .. okay la jjus here to remind you guys

Attention to those assignment that the deadline is drawing nearer :
- Comm skills. presentation assignment4(7/7)
- It 1193 presentation ( 8/7)
-IT 1209 Assignment II by week 15
- Common tests coming soon

People , i know it is tiring these few weeks. Bear with it and pass this year and promote together . steady !? jiayou , kz !? drink more water recently , weather bad and school is bad. esp ahpek ah.LOL and yuwei. hahas.

see you guys in school =]

posted @ 9:19 PM

Sunday, June 22, 2008
BBQ on 21 June 08

laoda here !

It was rather a successful one , just that we miss Mr Alex Yeo. Because he press the door bell and nobody answer and he didnt manage to bring or remember one of our numbers , hence he ended up going back home.

Firstly , i would like to thank these people on the behalf of the whole class.
They are :
Mei Chun and her family.They simply are great hosts and organiser for the bbq. They prepared almost all the foods and everything there. Can u imagine the whole family help out with our class bbq ?! Thanks alot. Hope u all enjoy it too.

Next , the organisers for this bbq. Thanks alot for organising.

Btw hope hairi got a shock ytd. We decided to hold a mini celebration ytd. so sorry to have a belated celebration. And no need say thank you la , u're welcome. lol.

Last but not least , thanks u guys for coming. U know it is always hard to have everyone present and also hard to please every single of u. you understand ?! hahas. so hope u guys really enjoy it.

Next , School work !
Assignment to be done :

- Comm. Skills Assignment 4
- Choosing of Topic + submission of outline by today.
- Discussion forum by today.

- Marketing
- This coming week no lecture but got tutorial
- ICA2 coming. Chpt 1,2,4,5,6,7 & 8

- IT 1193
- Webpage

anymore did i miss out !? if yes , tell me. any queries feel free to ask me.
okay. rest well guys and take care.

see u tmr :)

posted @ 2:16 PM

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Conclusion on this outing

HELLO ! laoda here :D

People , everything is settled le okay !? dun quarrel ahh .. esp in tagboard cos we dunno wad will the tone be like , k ! hmm .. maybe next time we jus organise small small activites like watching movie etc !? then really for class de will be like bbq and chalet at the end of the year like tt , is it fine with everyone !? should be okay bah hor .. planning for that will start around august bah

As for this coming class bbq , i expect everyone to be there. If u really cannot make it , make it clear to me by this week. Thank you ! Hope to see everyone there.

by the way , i will be away from 11 - 14 June. Anything leave me a msg in tag board or offline msges in msn / email also can. Thank you :D

Take care n miss me Ah !

posted @ 10:31 PM

Feedback on Sentosa Trip

so I see ppl not interested in the games we planned la?
you think its easy to plan then you will plan instead next time okay?
we planned games because we saw ppl like very bored,
all split into diff grps doing their own things.
the main thing for class outing is to interact with one another.
if you guys want to split into diff grps and do your own things,
i don't think class outing is needed.
you can jolly well go at your free time then.
or you can just think of what to do instead of us thinking.
thinking of all kinds of games to make everyone interact with one another,
and what we got was this kinda comments.
there are like 15ppl for the Sentosa outing.
its diff to let every single one to agree and like what we are doing.
so you think we cannot do it, then why don't you do it and show us.
i don't think we shall bother to think of anything to entertain you guys,
you guys think of something then.

feel free to give me feedback on this :D

just abit pissed off,
no personal attacks :D
posted by Linda :D

posted @ 10:00 PM

Sentosa trip! :D

Everyone met at Habourfront mrt station at I forgot what time,
and headed to Giant/Vivomart to get some snacks and drinks.
after that some guys wanted to buy clothes and towels,
so they went back there to get the stuff they want while the rest
waited for them for more 30mins at the entrance of Vivocity, near Candy Empire.
then when we called them, they told us they were leaving Giant,
so we waited for quite some time and called them again.
then they told us that they were at the kopitiam beside the bus interchange.
idiot sia, told them we waiting at the entrance then they go there-.-
met them there, ate brunch, bought tickets and up the bus!
by the time we reached there alr afternoon liao.
thanks to the guys-.-

Walked to Palawan beach cos the queue for the tram is damn long.
Went Palawan Beach cos the guys, especially ah pek want to bio chio bu-s.
took a long time before settling down cos the other side of the beach got lesser ppl,
no chi bu-s for the guys to see.
so we went back to the other side of the beach, with more ppl/chio bu-s for them to see.

Played some games and punishment was to go down into the sea,
cos we cannot think of any other punishments alr:D


Erquan, Zhaorong and Ernest

Eunice, Linda, Sihui, Hweechin and Pauline

Sihui, Linda and Hweechin

Yuwei and Jianwen

Sihui, Kendrick and Linda

Yunqing, Hweechin and Kiahui


Shijie, Erquan and Ernest

Linda and Kiahui

Play ballllll

Top to bottom (Hweechin, Sihui and Linda)


Engrossed in playing Big 2


Kiahui, Sihui and Linda

Yunqing and Sihui

Yunqing, Sihui and Meichun

Group photo

JUMPJUMPJUMP (Sihui, Kiahui, Linda, Hweechin and Meichun)

Hweechin, Sihui and Linda

Sihui and Kiahui

Hweechin and Linda


Yunqing, Sihui and Meichun

Hweechin, Kiahui and Linda

End this post with a Group photo

posted by Linda :D

posted @ 9:59 PM

Sunday, June 8, 2008
Welcome to crazys' world

Hello people :D

laoda here ! Please take note of these upcoming class outing . From today onwards , this blog will be updated by me , linda and chinnapi , noted ?! Sorry for the inconvenience if it is in broken English. I am lazy to post with proper english. LOL :x

Pls take note :
Outing @ Sentosa
Date: 9 June 2008
Meeting time : 10.3oam
Meeting place : Harbor Front MRT station
Things to bring (Compulsory):Tibits/drinks person
Attire: Anything you all
Activities held there : Sunntanning & games
Contact me : 81867025

Class bbq at Mei chun's hse
Date : 21 June 2008
Meeting time : 5.30 pm
Meeting place:Shall confirmed with u all asap
Activites held : BBQ (=.=) , games (if possible)
Budget within : $10 - $15 per person
Contact me or Eugene for more info. Thanks

Ok ! done ! If u all have anything to update , ask me for pw or i can help u all update. No problem de ! Now holiday ler , please take care of your health and please remember to touch a bit of your books. Some assignment to take note too.

Assignments to take note :
* Comm. skills assignment 4 ( Individual ppt )
* IT 1193 web page ( Grp work )
If there are any others , please remind me to update. Thank you !
I have come to the end for the first long post by me !
Everybody , please take care !
See you on Monday !

posted @ 1:21 AM

Saturday, June 7, 2008
ChinNaPi is here!


0807's blog!! Not bad!! I love Domo Kun too!!
Our blog address not bad ah! Idea given by me and linda!!

Waiting for monday's Sentosa trip!!

posted @ 9:34 PM

With You - Chris Brown